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A Rollover is when a ground or sea vehicle is toppled from its upright position.

A rolled over vehicle in real life.

Rollovers cause damage to be sustained while upside-down. This allows the vehicle to respawn, rather than remain useless the rest of the round. It is sometimes possible for a heavier vehicle to force a lighter one to roll over, though kill points are not usually earned for the effort.

Rollovers have become less common in newer games, as the game engine allows them to be bottom-heavy, and occasionally right themselves.

Battlefield 2142[]

Battlewalkers in Battlefield 2142 are susceptible to toppling, more commonly as a result of catching fire. Even if the fire is put out with a repair tool, the walker may continue to topple and destroy itself.

A walker in danger of rolling over may exhibit leg movements and inability to keep steady. This can be immediately stopped by exiting the vehicle on steady ground.

On rare occasions, a walker may topple onto its backside, yet remain operational without taking damage. Both seats can still be used, but are only effective in the directions they can face (main gunner against the sides and sky, AA gunner towards the sector that the top of the walker is pointing). Such a walker can be mercy killed in order to respawn an upright replacement at a friendly base.

Even rarer still, the walker may slide due to physics issues, and can crush infantry.


  • In Battlefield: Bad Company, players in the community discovered that because vehicles caught fire and exploded when they rolled over, they could rank-up incredibly fast online and gather many experience points easily with the Repair Tool. One player would flip a vehicle such as an HMMWV and sit in it, upside down, while another Support player would use their Repair Tool to constantly fix it, since the Repair Tool did not overheat. This would gather the Support player many points very quickly if they just held down the fire button to fix the vehicle, as it would repair faster than the vehicle would take constant damage, allowing nearly infinite points as long as the round lasted. With the addition of Repair Trophies and a "Squad Repair" bonus, one could easily gather 10,000 EXP rather simply. DICE eventually took note of this and limited the amount of points players could get from a single action (such as the constant repair) on a per-life basis, made vehicles lose health much faster in water or upside-down to eliminate this form of boosting, and reset the ranks of or even banned anyone who was confirmed to have done this practice often when it was a major problem.
    • Future games had this problem as well, but the exploit was not as effective as it was before since the repair tool would overheat.