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The Rorsch Kz-27 is a fixed anti-aircraft emplacement in Battlefield 2142. It is used by both the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition. It appears in many maps in the game, with exceptions for maps that have no air vehicles.

Once set up, the emplacement can be manned by anyone. It fires proximity-fuzed anti-aircraft projectiles at a moderate rate and, after locking on, EMP missiles. It is commonly placed around control points. Like all control point assets, it will only spawn or respawn while the point is under control of either team.

The anti-air cannons inflict significant damage against air vehicles, even through Active Defense. It can also injure infantry and damage fast attack vehicles, causing splash damage on impact with solid surfaces. When attacking infantry at close range, some adjustment to the left or right may be necessary because of the cannons' horizontal offset.

Heavily armored ground vehicles take zero damage from the Kz-27. However, the explosion has a large graphical effect—it can effectively suppress the enemy's vision.

The Kz-27's EMP missiles will temporarily immobilize enemy aircraft—usually not long enough for it to crash, but enough to line up several good shots with the main cannons. Acquiring weapon lock is similar to the system used by battlewalkers and the SAAW 86 Anti-Air weapon.

Missiles can be fired without lock-on, although the system is inaccurate when used in this manner and the projectiles fly slightly upwards. Still, the missiles can pulse ground vehicles and infantry for a short duration.

While the Kz-27 is open on the sides, its canopy serves as heavy armor, and can completely protect the user from one frontal hit from an anti-vehicle weapon when at full health.

The Kz-27 often appears at faction bases in Titan game mode. If commandeered by the enemy, it can destroy a Titan's ground-facing cannons.


  • The Kz-27 located at the church in Verdun may pin and accidentally kill players against the wall.