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The Rorsch Mk-S8 is a fixed anti-vehicle railgun emplacement in Battlefield 2142. It is used by both the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition. It appears at deployments, and certain control points when held by a team.

When firing the Mk-S8, the gun takes roughly one second to build up magnetic force before firing the round. This is heard as a rising high-pitched sound before the weapon fires. The round travels extremely quickly, and is very precise.

The Mk-S8 has the highest rate of fire of any anti-vehicle weapon. In "regular" fire mode, the gun has moderate traversal but is inaccurate at long range. The Secondary Fire key enables "focused" mode—in this mode the Rorsch is very accurate and can be effectively used even against distant enemy infantry, but is slower to aim.

The projectiles are treated as very-high-velocity rockets for gameplay purposes: able to instantly kill infantry, neutralized by Active Defense System, but with no vertical drop over distance.

The railgun can be used against low-flying aircraft, but does not inflict much damage nor does it have suitable vertical range.

The Mk-S8 protects its operator from frontal attack with heavy armor, but is completely exposed from the sides and is vulnerable at the rear.

The railguns in Strike At Karkand map are capable of firing rapidly; these do have a 300 round ammunition reserve though.[1]