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Ross Mark III

The Ross Rifle was a straight-pull bolt action .303 inch-caliber rifle produced in Canada from 1903 until 1918. The Mk II of the rifle was highly successful in target shooting before World War I, but Mk III featured several design choices, like its close chamber tolerances, lack of primary extraction and overall length that made it unsuitable for the conditions of trench warfare, exacerbated by the often poor quality ammunition issued.

The rifle was eventually withdrawn from front-line service, but because of its exceptional accuracy, it was continued to be used by many of the Canadian Expeditionary Force's snipers until the end of the war.[1]

The rifle also had a role in the production of the Huot Automatic Rifle, being a converted Ross rifle. It was ideal for such a conversion due to it being cheap and the straight-pull bolt being easy to modify to fire automatically.

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: Ross MkIII
"This rifle's straight pull bolt allows for a high rate of fire, even while aiming down the sights."

— In-game description

The Ross MkIII is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 1: Apocalypse expansion for the Scout class. The Ross MkIII has two variants, Marksman and Infantry, with the latter variant being released after the expansion in the Weapon Crate update of May 7 2018.

In terms of performance, the Ross MkIII functions as a cross between both the Gewehr M.95 and SMLE MKIII Marksman variants. With identical performance in terms of Sweet Spot range, velocity, and drag of the SMLE MKII thanks to sharing the same bullet caliber. The fire rate falls in between the Gewehr M.95 and SMLE MKIII, being above the SMLE MKIII by a 10 RPM and lower than the Gewehr M.95 by 4 RPM. However, the SMLE MKIII has a higher capacity than both the Gewehr M.95 and the Ross MkIII. Spread is the same on all of the Marksman Rifles.

Both the Ross and Gewehr M.95 have the ability, thanks to their Straight Pull Bolt nature, to fire and remain aiming down the sights while pulling the bolt, making aiming at long range targets easier.

When reloading with one round remaining in the magazine, the player character will manually eject the final round and reload with a stripper clip.

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Battlefield VEdit

The Ross MkIII appears in the Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer in the hands of French colonial troops. However, the Ross appears to be more of a prop than an actual weapon as it only appears in cinematics - the soldiers in Tirailleur instead use the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l in gameplay. In addition, when Deme picks up Idrissa's Ross MkIII near the end of the chapter, it becomes a Turner SMLE.

As of launch, it is not available for use.[2]


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