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The Royal-National Army Conflict is a conflict in Battlefield Heroes. It is set in a parody of World War II, revolving around the Royal and National Armies, both of which are based on British, American, and Nazi Germany soldiers respectively.

The game's two factions, the Royals and Nationals, were once great friends. During the Olympics, however, the Royal Nation accused the National Homeland of cheating during a track cycling contest. Controversy arose and the Nationals made fun of the Royal King's mustache, leading in the Royals to declare war against the Nationals.

According to the Metagame map, these are the territories of both nations:

The Royal Kingdom is composed of the countries of: France, a United Benelux, Switzerland, Tirol-Austria, Czechia and West Germany. With the capital possibly being Paris.

The National Federation is composed of the countries of: Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, East Germany, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. With the capital possibly being Kyiv.

War was declared by the Royals on Tuesday. August 25, 1936.[1]

When taking the results of the Metagame into consideration, the evolution of the war was as follows: of the 28 campaigns that were fought, 22 resulted in a National victory, 5 in a Royal victory, and 1 ended inconclusively.[2]

Following the announcement of the game's shutdown, it was revealed that the Nationals and Royals were finally been able to put the past behind and call a truce, explaining its imminent closure.