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The Royal Air Force, abbreviated RAF, is a branch of the British Armed Forces. The RAF supported Allied soldiers throughout the Western European, Pacific and North African fronts of the Second World War, and playing an integral part in the defense of Britain itself in what has been referred to as the Battle of Britain.

Formed in 1918, it is the world's oldest independent air force.

Battlefield 1942[]

The Royal Air Force are a faction in Battlefield 1942. Unlike the Afrika Korps, the RAF is not technically a separate faction from the British Army, and have the same soldier appearance, as well as infantry and vehicle loadouts. However, they are explicitly mentioned in the description of the Battle of Britain as being the Allied faction on that map, opposing the German Luftwaffe. They also appear (although unmentioned) on maps where the British have aircraft, such as El Alamein.

Aircraft used[]

Battlefield 2[]

The Royal Air Forces makes an uncredited appearance in Battlefield 2. In the Euro Force expansion the Eurofighter Typhoon has RAF roundels.

Battlefield 1[]

A precursor to the RAF, the Royal Flying Corps, operated as the air arm of the British Army during World War I. The venerable Sopwith Camel was among the first airplanes used by the British Army, initially as a fighter then as a ground attack craft.

On the 1st of April, 1918, the RFC merged with the Royal Naval Air Service to form the RAF, adopting a new roundel.

Aircraft used[]

Battlefield V[]

The Royal Air Force makes a named appearance in Battlefield V during the Prologue, where RAF Squadron 114 conducts a bombing raid over the city of Hamburg, Germany in 1943. The flight of Blenheim bombers and their Spitfire escort is intercepted by the player character of Yellow-Seven, flying a Bf 109.