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The Russian Army, officially the Russian Ground Forces (Russian: Сухопутные войска Российской Федерации, Suchopútniye voyska Rosseeyskoy Federácii) are the land forces of the Russian Federation. Active since 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Ground Forces were formed from various parts of the Soviet Army. From 1992 onward, the Russian Ground Forces were withdrawn from Soviet bases in foreign regions to focus on "near abroad" affairs. They use sophisticated military tactics and perform with conventional warfare.

During World War I and prior to the October Revolution in 1917, the army was referred to as the Imperial Russian Army, upon which they fought as part of the Triple Entente, against the German Empire, Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the revolution, the army was fractured into the Bolshevik Red Army, and the anti-communist White Army, which fought against each other in the Russian Civil War.

Battlefield: Bad Company

The Russian Army fights the 222nd Army Battalion in Battlefield: Bad Company in a fictional war between Russia and the United States. It is one of the three playable multiplayer factions.

Engagements against the 222nd

Gold Rush



Player Kits


A Russian Assault with an AEK-971 and Specialist with an AKS-74u







Light Vehicles



Naval Vessels



Battlefield Online

In Battlefield Online, the Russian Army is pitted against the USMC.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


A Russian assault


A Russian engineer


A Russian medic


A Russian recon

The Russian Army appears as an available faction in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 3 *UAV & Mine Spotting*

BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 3 *UAV & Mine Spotting*

American & Russian Voices
*UAV & Mine Spotting*
BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 4 *FRIENDLY FIRE!!*

BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 4 *FRIENDLY FIRE!!*

American & Russian Voices *FRIENDLY FIRE*
BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 5 *AMMOOOO!!*

BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 5 *AMMOOOO!!*

American & Russian Voices *AMMO*
BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 6 *MCOM!*

BFBC2 American & Russian Voices 6 *MCOM!*

American & Russian Voices *MCOM!*

The Russian Army fight against the 222nd Army Battalion, the United States Marine Corps and the Special Activities Division. They are under the command of Arkady Kirilenko and are allied with the Latin American Militia. Their voices are provided by Oleg Mirochnikov (as Assault), Slav Shumov (as Engineer), Kirill Radcig (as Medic), and Nikolay Lazarev (as Recon).

Weapons Used

Assault Rifles
Sub-Machine Guns
Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles
Rocket Launchers

Vehicles Used

Light Vehicles


Engagements against the 222nd

Engagements against the Special Activities Division

Engagements against the USMC


The Russian Ground Forces are one of the two playable factions and fight against the United States Army. It is also the opposing faction in Onslaught mode. When they are on the offensive in Rush maps, they almost always attack with their airborne elements. The Russian Ground Forces are always the defending force in the gamemode Squad Rush.

Engagements against the US Army


Light Vehicles



Naval Vessels


Battlefield Play4Free

In Battlefield Play4Free, the Russian Army is seen fighting the United States Marine Corps in parts of China, Myanmar, and the Middle East.

Engagements against the US Marine Corps

Image Name
Battlefield P4F Karkand Screen Karkand: A strike in this industrial sector will be a bloody one as you fight in the alleyways and buildings of this close quarters heaven. Though be careful that the vehicles don't send you the other direction, six feet under.
Battlefield P4F Oman Screen Oman: A large scale attack on this construction site is underway, ripping through the city. Large scale vehicle combat assists long range fighting. Close quarters determines your fate, though, once you enter a building.
SharqiScreenP4F Sharqi: A peninsula that houses the headquarters of a prominent TV station, has been ripped apart by combat. Close quarters urban combat supports helicopters, land vehicles and a boat or two. Though snipers might find haven on the ramparts of all sorts of structures.
BasraLoadingScreenP4F2 Basra: The city has been hit hard by heavy fighting, but it isn't over yet. Urban, close quarters fighting, with vehicular support will leave you scrambling to keep each block of the city yours.
LoadingScreenDragonP4F Dragon Valley: The river gouged out the valley but forked halfway. Now, the battle will lead to the heart of this ancient valley. Narrowed long range combat for vehicles and infantry a like will be the name of the game here.
Battlefield P4F Dalian Screen Dalian: This nuclear facility is the site of more close range combat. The docks nearby house most of the fighting leading up to the facility. Airborne, waterborne and land vehicles will be going up and down the coastline, looking for their next target.
Clean-Mashtuur-Map Mashtuur: Divided in name and spirit, this map features intense urban, close quartered combat and a divide right in between two sides of the city. Air vehicles will have fun navigating the map in its majority will land vehicles will be funneled around streets and a bridge.
BFP4F Myanmar Loading Screen Myanmar: The jungles here will be cruel, reducing everything to closer quarter combat. Vehicles are only land vehicles that can fight back the foliage. An old temple stands in the center making for a very focused fight.

Battlefield 3

The Russian Army is a playable faction featured in the multiplayer of Battlefield 3, being pitted against the United States Marine Corps. The Russian Army is always the defending force in the gamemodes Rush and Squad Rush.

Default kits

Kit Vanilla Aftermath
RF assault RF assault aftermath
RF engi RF engineer aftermath
RF support RF support aftermath
RF recon RF recon aftermath


Light Vehicles





Battlefield 4

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The Russian Army is an available faction featured in Battlefield 4.


The Russian Army appears as a hostile force in Baku and Tashgar.

In Baku, the RGF is deployed to Baku, Azerbaijan to intercept Tombstone Squad from collecting intelligence from a defecting Russian military general regarding Russia's stance on Admiral Chang's coup d'état in China. Pursuing Tombstone squadron throughout Baku and when Tombstone was about to be extracted, in a last effort deployed an Mi-28 Havoc to intercept them, while destroying the extraction helicopter, they did not succeeded in stopping Tombstone's escape.

In Tashgar, it seems the Russian Ground Forces occupied the town and surrounding areas (including a damaged dam), forcing the Marines stationed there into the old town, when Tombstone arrived, the RGF had gained the upperhand throughout the town. Tombstone Squad managed to fight there way through light Russian armor and troops to get to Greenland. In exchange for a transport to Suez, Tombstone was to blow up a dam (which underneath it was multiple SAM sites). After fighting there way through the dam, tombstone blew up the dam. Thus neutralizing the SAM threat and were transported via a C-130 Cargo Plane.


The uniforms they wear come in five varieties:

  • Support - One identical to the Support in multiplayer with the exception of their visor for the helmet is down (similar to the PLA in SP ) who always wield a PKP
  • Engineer - to the Chinese Engineer who wields either a PP2000 or Saiga-12.
  • Assault - looks like the Chinese Assault skin without goggles or a facewrap and uses a plain green camo.
  • Recon: identical to the RU Recon wielding the SV-98.
  • Anti-Tank: functions as an AT troop using the RU Engineer model from MP and uses an AK-12 for close range and a SMAW.


Assault rifles Bf4 ak12 AK-12
Carbines Bf4 aku12 AKU-12
Heavy Machine Guns KORD
Launchers Bf4 mk153 smaw SMAW
Light Machine Guns Bf4 pecheneg PKP Pecheneg
Personal Defense Weapons Bf4 pp2000 PP-2000
Shotguns Bf4 saiga12 Saiga-12K
Sniper Rifles Bf4 sv98 SV-98


The Russian Ground Forces operate also operate a variety of vehicles. T-90 act as their main battle tanks, witnessed in the two missions they are in. In a brief instance, BMP-2's as their APCs. In Baku, it is seen that the Mi-28 is their attack chopper. Throughout both mission's, their main transport chopper is Ka-60 Kasatka. In both missions, it is seen that their main light vehicle is the VDV Buggy and some of their ground transport include KamAZ-53501.

Light Vehicles BF4 vdv VDV Buggy
BF4 vehicle 6x6 Truck Baku KamAZ-53501
Tanks BF4 t90 T-90A
LAVs BMP-2M Battlelog Icon BMP-2
Helicopters BF4 mi28 Mi-28 Havoc
BF4 ka60 Ka-60 Kasatka


The Russian army is pitted against both the USMC and PLA.

Due to the choice of factions on a map being up to the server operator, the RGF can appear on any map against any other faction, including the RGF itself, if the server owner wishes so. However, changing the factions on a map is only available on PC servers.


Versus USMC logo United States Marine Corps
Versus China Emblem PLA People's Liberation Army


By default, RGF soldiers in multiplayer are equipped with VSR-98 camouflage, but can unlock faction specific camouflages from Battlepacks, such as Berezka or Partizan. Camouflages like Splinter and Fire Starter receive a unique scheme for the RGF when equipped.

The following are the camouflages exclusive to the RGF in Battlefield 4:

Versus Map
Camouflage Intel Requirements

Default (VSR-98)

BF4 RU Default Camo

Adaptation of the famed ERDL pattern printed in colors suited to Russian environments and deployments. Unlocked By Default


BF4 Izlom Camo

Digitized version of the German flecktarn camouflage pattern. The word means fissure or fracture in Russian. (The camo depicted is not actually Izlom, but rather Digital Flecktarn). Battlepack Item


BF4 Berezka Camo

Modern issue recolorization of the traditional Russian KLMK camouflage pattern is use by some MVD and FSB troops. Battlepack Item


BF4 Partizan Camo

Another Russian design heavily influenced by German camouflage patterns, this oakleaf variation is popular with Spetsgruppa Alfa. Battlepack Item

VDV Flectarn

BF4 VDV Flectarn Camo

Flecktarn-inspired camouflage pattern developed specifically for the Russian VDV Airborne units. Battlepack Item

Fire Starter

BF4 RU Fire Starter Camo

Release your inner pyro. Complete Second Assault assignment Fire Starter


BF4 Yeger Camo

Influenced by a modern Finnish camouflage design, the "hunter" pattern was first witnessed in use during the recent Georgian conflict. Premium Item Only


BF4 RU Splinter Camo

Recolor of the modern Swedish Splinter camouflage pattern customized for elite units. Veteran Battlepack Item

Spetsnaz Jungle

BF4 Spetsnaz Jungle Camo

Rarely witnessed splinter style jungle camouflage pattern. Its use by the secretive Spetsnaz likely contributes to the secrecy surrounding this camo. Battlepack Item



The original KLMK pattern developed by the Soviet Union, this pattern continues to enjoy widespread use among airborne and reconnaissance groups. Premium Item Only

Default kits

The following loadouts shown below are the kit defaults for the Russian Army in Battlefield 4's multiplayer mode. Unlike Battlefield 3, there are no asymmetric starting weapons (and thus no faction-specific weaponry), and the starting gear and weapons are shared across all three factions, similar to Bad Company 2.

BF4 ru engineer
BF4 Ru support
  • CS-LR4
  • P226
  • PLD
  • C4
  • M67 Frag
  • Bayonet
  • Defensive (Upgrade Path)
BF4 Ru recon


The Russian Ground Forces uses majority home made equipment with the exception of the Z-11W (made in China) and the DV-15 (made in France).

Light Vehicles BF4 vdv VDV Buggy
BF4 spm3 SPM-3
BF4 Quad Bike Battlelog Icon Quad Bike
BF4 Snowmobile (Neutral) (FS) Snowmobile
Armor BF4 t90 T-90
Btr90 fancy BTR-90
BF4 Tunguska 9K22 Tunguska-M
BF4 Ht95 (FS) HT-95
Helicopters BF4 z11 Z-11W
BF4 mi28 Mi-28 Havoc
BF4 ka60 Ka-60 Kasatka
Fixed-Wing Aircraft BF4 su50 Su-50
BF4 su25 Su-25TM Frogfoot
Naval Craft BF4 dv15 DV-15 Interceptor
BF4 rhib RHIB
BF4 pwc (Neutral) Personal Watercraft


Battlefield 1

BF1 Russian Empire Icon

The Russian Empire emblem as it appears in Battlefield 1.

This item has a Codex entry: Imperial Russian Army

The Imperial Russian Army of the Russian Empire is featured as a faction in Battlefield 1 through its In the Name of the Tsar expansion pack.

The Russian Empire appears on maps set on the Eastern Front in World War I. As a member of the Triple Entente, they entered World War I as the Allies alongside British Empire and the French Republic, fighting against the Central Powers. The Russian Emprires fights the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Galicia (the modern-day border between Poland and Ukraine), and the German Empire in the West Estonian archipelago.

On maps set during the Russian Civil War, the counter-revolutionary White Army faction fighting against the communist Red Army is identical to the Russian Empire faction in all but name.

The Russian Empire gear varies heavily with all the factions gear ranging from tunics, dresses to long coats. With headgear consisting of either traditional headgear such as Ushankas or Peaked caps to French Adrian Helmets. Generally wearing green uniforms, black trousers and high boots. The standard issue rifle for the Russian Empire is the Mosin-Nagant M91, originally changed from the SMLE MKIII in the November 2017 update.[1]

  • Assault - He wears a Telogreika tunic, an Adrian Helmet and a dark gray balaclava covering most of his face. He also wears an ammo pouch above his abdomen and a sidearm holster at waist height, just below this ammo pouch.
  • Medic - He wears a tunic, a peaked cap and a blanket is wrapped around the torso over the right shoulder, with a cape hanging on the left shoulder, and crutches crossing the back. Additional equipment pouches are found at both sides of the player's waist.
  • Support - A Kuban Cossack, he wears a cherskesska coat and a kubanka wool hat, both traditional to peoples of the Caucasus and Kuban Cossacks. He also wears a scarf around the neck. Gear includes a large backpack, some additional pouches about the abdomen, as well as some bandoliers crossing the chest and the waist. A large leather pouch crosses his chest and helps at supporting his heavy backpack. Last but not least, he bares a scabbard in front of his abdomen that sheaths a kinzhal knife, known in-game as Cossack Knife.
  • Scout - A female soldier, she wears a heavy coat with a bashlyk cap. She also has an ammo pouch and her sidearm holster connected to the belt around her stomach, as well as bandolier-like leather pouches with additional rifle cartridges passing over her left shoulder and crossing her chest.
  • Cavalry - Unlike other Entente Cavalry classes, he wears a kubanka wool hat rather than a peaked cap, implying Cossack origins. Along with the Assault, he also wears a Telogreika tunic and body armor with a sidearm holster, with smaller details being ammo pouches at the edge of the armor plate.
  • Tanker - He wears a green jumpsuit with sidearm holsters on his chest and an Adrian helmet with a splinter mask, as well as a scarf covering his neck.
  • Pilot - He is wearing aviator goggles and leather helmets, with brown gloves and boots and grey-brown jackets. His scarf is light blue with two orange stripes on its end.

Their air vehicles consist of:


VS Team Map
BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon Austro-Hungarian Empire
BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire



Community Test Environment



  • In Battlefield: Bad Company & Bad Company 2, the Russian vehicles' HUD color is red.

Battlefield: Bad Company

  • Occasionally, soldiers can be heard shouting the name "Dimitri".

Battlefield 3

  • The first-person model for them in Battlefield 3 is the same as Dimitri's, regardless of class.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1

  • The Scout class for the Russian Army is female, which is in reference to the 1st Women's Battalion of Death and the Perm Battalion which were all-women battalions of soldiers that served in a few battles during 1917.
  • The Support class, on the other hand, is clearly part of a Kuban Cossack division. This is evident by the kubanka hat worn (traditional to peoples of the Caucasus and Cossacks), the cherskesska coat and the kinzhal knife (known in-game as the Cossack Dagger).


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