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The Russian Elite Forces are an elite division of soldiers in the Russian Army. Highly trained, they are encountered in the final missions of the campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. They also appear in Onslaught mode as well.

When they appear, they commonly rappel in from a Mi-24 Hind, and are a serious threat to the player. They are usually brought in if the Russian Army is taking heavy casualties, and are almost always seen in the later stages of the game when Sgt. Redford's squad is close behind the trail of Kirilenko. It can be assumed, therefore, that they are assigned to protect Kirilenko.

In Onslaught mode however, they only appear after the enemies (standard Russian Army grunts) have been taken out, in which they come in an unlimited number of waves until the flag has been captured, regardless of difficulty.

The Russian Elite Forces wear different camouflage from the standard Russian Army grunts. Their uniforms are green with a bulletproof vest. For example, the medics have a green beret instead of the standard red one. These uniforms are featured as the SPECACT kits for the Russian Army in multiplayer.

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