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A Bouncing Betty.

S-Mines, or as they are better known, Bouncing Betties are an anti-personnel explosive device. The mine was first developed in Germany and produced from 1935 onwards. It was used in WWII, after which it was copied and used by many other nations, including the Soviet Union, the USA, and China.

After being triggered, the Bouncing Betty is propelled into the air, after which it detonates, sending out hundreds of metal balls. Thanks to this process, it had a 20-meter lethal radius and a 100-meter injure radius.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The Bouncing Betty is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam. It is issued as an option to the NVA and Vietcong Scout kit, along with a Type-56 carbine and a Time bomb, and is issued a total of 5. The Bouncing Betty is extremely useful in defending Control points and choke points, as they are small and easily concealable, and have the blast radius of a grenade. As in reality, it first launches into the air, after which it explodes in midair.

One downside is that they are also triggered by friendly players, meaning that, unless friendly fire is turned off, they can easily result in teamkills.


Battlefield VEdit

The AP Mine is a gadget featured in Battlefield V. It is the default Gadget 2 of the Recon kit, and is an unlockable Gadget for the two other kits. One is carried upon spawning, but an additional mine can be equipped using an Ammo Cache.

The AP Mine works similarly to the Tripwire Bomb - HE in Battlefield 1. It is proximity activated, and when detonated can inflict severe damage to an enemy player on foot. Upon activating, the mine will leap into the air and explode, which takes just under a second. This delay means the weapon can be ineffective against players sprinting through the blast zone, as unlike the Tripwire Bomb bonus damage is not applied to sprinting enemies. A single mine is technically capable of killing a full health player, as it deals 112 damage within its 1m inner blast radius. However, by the time the mine is in the air and exploding, it is likely a player has moved into its outer blast radius, within which damage drops of precipitously out to 5.4m. Therefore, a common tactic involves placing two mines together for more consistent kills. Players can shoot enemy mines to prematurely detonate them.

Certain Wehrmacht land vehicles, such as the Panzer IV and Tiger I, can unlock S-Mines as part of their Vehicle Upgrades. After deploying in a field around the tank, the mines explode after a short time potentially killing any close-range attackers.

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