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The Steyr-Solothurn S2-200 was a Swiss-Austrian light machine gun that saw use during World War II. The blueprints were originally drawn up at the German firm of Rheinmetall, but to circumvent contemporary restrictions on Germany's arms industry, production of the gun was handled by the combined Swiss-Austrian firm of Steyr-Solothurn AG. The weapon was fed by a 30 round detachable magazine, and was adopted in 1930 by the Austrian Army as the MG 30, as well as the Hungarian Army as the 31.M. It also saw limited use by the Germans during World War II. The S2-200 served as the basis for the MG 15 and MG 17, which were used as aircraft armament by the Luftwaffe.

Battlefield V[]

"The S2-200 was magazine-fed machine gun originally banned by the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. Rejected by the German infantry, the Luftwaffe eventually adopted them for use in their aircraft."

— In-game description

The S2-200 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the fourth Tides of War chapter, Defying The Odds and can be unlocked for the Support kit upon completion of the week one challenges.

The weapon contrasts with others in its category due to its unsuitability for sustained fire - with a non-upgradeable 30 round magazine and a reasonably high fire rate of 770 RPM, the S2-200 is less able to deal with groups of enemies or provide suppressive fire before having to reload, although this is offset somewhat by a very quick reload rate. The main strength of the S2-200 is its accuracy. Dispersion is low compared to other MMGs and recoil is light, meaning that when shooting supported from the bipod precision is especially high. When coupled with its fire rate, the S2-200 can bring down single targets quickly even at extended ranges. The weapon is also notable for having superior accuracy and controllability over its contemporaries when shooting unsupported. This allows the user to reposition more frequently as they are more able to defend themselves against encounters at short range.

The S2-200's weapon specialization tree features a number of upgrades expected for the MMG class of weapons. The left side path of Quick Reload, Flashless Propellant, Light Bolt and Incendiary Bullets will increase sustainability while shooting, in addition to boosting fire rate to 900 RPM. The higher rate does reduce accuracy when firing from a bipod as well as control in hip fire, in addition to draining magazines even faster than before - this can be remediated somewhat by Quick Reload. The Right path of Recoil Buffer, Ported Barrel, Improved Bipod and High Velocity Bullets further increases accuracy across the board by providing a reduction in vertical recoil and horizontal recoil to 1.400 and 0.120, respectively, in addition to making hitting moving targets at range easier by boosting muzzle velocity by 100 m/s.