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Battlefield 2042[]

The S21 Syrette Pistol is a gadget exclusive to specialist Maria Falck. It allows her to fire a syrette at teammates to heal them. If the user misses a shot, the syringe will land on the ground and can be picked up by both friendly and enemy players.[1]

By holding Specialty Gadget, the player adjusts the syrette pistol to inject themself, healing to full health in one shot. The player may also choose to fire shots at the ground to pick up for themselves, healing a minor amount for each syrette fired.

The Syrette Pistol can also be used in an offensive manner, inflicting 20 damage on enemy targets with each hit.[2]

A red dot sight is mounted to the pistol. The syrettes have considerable drop over distance.


  • The Syrette Gun may echo a gadget previously cut from Battlefield 2142, the Healgun.
  • The Syrette Gun originally was able to revive teammates from a distance. This was changed after the Technical Playtest.[3]
  • When self-healing, Falck adjusts the pistol to a lower setting.