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The SA-58 OSW (Operational Special Weapon) is a variant of the Fabrique Nationale FAL produced by DS Arms Company, the leading FAL manufacturer in the United States of America. The OSW is a modernized and shortened version of the FAL, with lightweight aluminum furniture and a shorter barrel length.

The SA-58 OSW appears in Battlefield Hardline, categorized as a Battle Rifle.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Based on the FAL pattern, the SA-58 Operational Special Weapon is a modernized variant of the classic battle rifle. The SA-58 has more ammunition per magazine than other weapons in its class."

— In-game description

The SA-58 OSW is a Battle Rifle featured in Battlefield Hardline, purchasable for the Criminal Enforcer kit. It has the fastest rate of fire of any battle rifle in Hardline at 650 RPM and, like other battle rifles, it is very powerful, taking 3-4 shots to kill an enemy. The rifle has the most predictable recoil in its class coupled with the fastest bullet in the entire game at 840m/s, faster than every sniper, making it extremely effective at dealing with medium to long range targets. Combined with the fastest short reload of the battle rifles, these traits make the OSW an extremely effective weapon.



  • The SA-58 License Patch shows a MG36 rather than a SA-58.