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The SAR-21 is an Assault Rifle featured in Battlefield 4


In Singleplayer, the SAR-21 is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in the mission Singapore by scoring 11,000 points. It is equipped with a Coyote, Magnifier and Heavy Barrel. It sports an ERDL Woodland finish.


In multiplayer, the SAR-21 is the third unlockable assault rifle for the Assault Class, after the M416 and before the AEK-971, requiring 19,000 Assault Rifle score.

The SAR-21 has the highest base stability and lowest recoil of any weapon in the game. To compensate for this, however, it also has the lowest rate of fire of any Assault Rifle and one of the lowest in the entire game, behind the U100 MK5 and the M60E4, making the SAR-21 more difficult to use up close. This low rate of fire does have a few advantages, though; the ADS spread takes much longer to reach its maximum spread, allowing for a longer duration of sustained, accurate fire. The low firerate also conserves ammo, making the SAR-21 best suited for medium to long-range engagements.

The SAR-21 has very light recoil and low spread, so players have more freedom in choosing a particular muzzle attachment. Any inaccuracies lie within its side-to-side recoil, which can be mitigated using the Compensator attachment at the cost of increased spread. The Muzzle Brake is largely unnecessary for the SAR-21 due to its already low vertical recoil. The Heavy Barrel will further improve the weapon's aimed accuracy and the additional recoil from the attachment will remain very manageable. Players can also opt to use a Suppressor or Flash Hider for their utility effects.

The SAR-21 has low first shot recoil and does not benefit very much from the Angled Grip, instead a Stubby Grip is a good choice to mitigate what very little recoil there already is, effectively making the SAR-21 have almost no recoil at all. It can equip the UGL Rail, allowing it to mount the M320 grenade launcher, but not the M26 MASS.

Overall, the SAR-21 can be out paced in close quarters by high fire rate weapons, such as the AEK-971 or the FAMAS, but at longer ranges it easily outclasses most weapons in the game, barring Designated Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles.



  • The SAR-21 shares its iron sights with the M416.
  • The SAR-21, together with the U-100 MK5, are the only Singaporean-made weapons in Battlefield 4.
  • After the Fall patch, the missing bullpup modifier is added to the SAR-21, allowing tighter hipfire accuracy and increased movement speed when aiming down the sights.