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"The SD-8 Accipiter is a flying sentry drone with assault capabilities, armed with an optical tracker and multi-barrel rotating cannons. Targets are acquired by the squad’s NetBat™ System, allowing all members of the squad to utilize the drone. The training for proper use of the device is only available for squad leaders."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The SD-8 Accipiter (aka sentry drone) is a squad leader drone featured in Battlefield 2142 with assault capabilities that engages squad-targeted enemy. It is available to squads with four or more members (including the squad leader).

Like the RD-4 Otus drone, it automatically follows the squad leader. Whenever a squadmate highlights a nearby enemy through their NetBat Helmet, the Accipiter will fire on the enemy using its built-in submachine guns. The sentry drone cannot acquire its own targets.

When coupled with an A12 Enforcer Sentry Gun and a light machine gun, a single soldier can put considerable fire downrange.


  • Accipiter is a genus of birds, generally known as goshawks or sparrowhawks. The word itself is Latin for "hawk".
  • The drone's lack of automatic targeting is one major reason why it is not commonly seen in matches.
  • Like the sentry gun, the Accipiter may attempt to fire on enemy players behind Titan walls.