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The SKS is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4, and it is the third DMR to be unlocked.

It behaves very much like its counterpart from Battlefield 3, boasting a low recoil for a DMR as well as a medium firerate and average damage, being able to kill most targets with three hits, although it is less powerful than other DMRs, tied to QBU-88. Its velocity and maximum range is the slowest and shortest of all DMRs, but its low recoil makes it an excellent weapon in most situations, even in close quarters if the user has good aim and a quick trigger finger. The recoil profile of SKS is straighter than most DMRs, but bounces significantly side-by-side, which is helped by using the Compensator attachment.

The SKS unlocks the Russian attachments, and can only acquire the US and Chinese variants through Battlepacks. The SKS has the highest fire rate out of the DMRs. It is good for close quarters as it takes 3 shots to drop an enemy across all ranges, it takes up to 4 shots to drop an enemy at long range provided if the enemy has Defensive Upgrade Path equipped.

SKS has a velocity slightly faster than the M40A5, but the SKS still has the slowest velocity and shortest maximum range of all DMRs, just before the ACE 53 SV.



  • The SKS is the only DMR that uses the 7.62x39mm WP cartridge.
  • It is also one of two weapons correctly indexed as such; the other weapon is the Groza-1.