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"Legendary Italian combat shotgun with iconic folding stock. Manufacturing stopped in 2000."

— In game description

The SPAS12 is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


The SPAS12 can be found off of dead Legionnaire Mercenaries (around when the player attacks the docks in Acta Non Verba) or as a collectible in Crossing Over.


The SPAS12 is issued to the Demolition kit as an unlockable. It has better handling at the expense of the lowest accuracy of all the shotguns due to its shorter barrel. This means that it has the largest cross hairs of all shotguns. It has an 8 shell capacity and each must be manually loaded. Being a pump-action shotgun, it can easily kill in a single shot, but it's reduced accuracy gives it a very low range.



  • Like the other pump-action shotguns, the SPAS-12's pumping animation can be interrupted by holding the aim button, shooting, and then quickly holding the aim button again. This has no effect on the rate of fire.