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"This Italian made iconic shotgun has seen great success since its introduction on the market during the 1980s. It’s become popular world wide thanks to its capacity to handle a great variety of shell types. Its unique magazine design further simplifies the use of varied ammunition, allowing the SPAS-12 to remain in high regard with police and military units worldwide."

— Battlelog Description

The SPAS-12 is a pump action shotgun introduced in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3. It is unlocked upon the completion of the These Hurt Too assignment. Similar to the 870MCS in its operation (it is pump action) but it pumps slightly faster, and has slightly less pellet spread, in exchange for one less pellet per shot.

Similar to the .44 Magnum, DICE employees have access to a suppressed version of the SPAS-12, and can be picked up from their dead bodies.[1]




USAS-12 Dog tag with SPAS-12 Engraving. Note how the SPAS-12 in the USAS-12 Dog Tag has its stock folded unlike the one in the SPAS-12 Proficiency Dog Tag.

  • The USAS-12 Proficiency Dog Tag shows a SPAS-12 instead of the USAS-12. This mistake was corrected by the release of the Close Quarters Expansion Pack, when the SPAS-12 itself was added to the game.
  • The SPAS-12 has the tightest pellet cone of all shotguns at a 2.5 meter radius.