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The SPAS-12 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The SPAS-12 is found as a collectible in the mission South China Sea, aboard the USS Valkyrie. It is found in a V-22 Osprey in the hangar. It is equipped with a Laser/Light Combo and Full Choke. It sports an Atomic Desert finish.


The SPAS-12 is an unlockable shotgun. It performs similarly to the 870 MCS, but has one more shell and a slightly tighter aimed spread.



  • The SPAS-12 appears significantly more worn than its Battlefield 3 counterpart, with rust on the grip and scuff marks visible on the body.
  • In the South China Sea single player mission, when you first pick up the SPAS-12, it will have no iron sights and its standard finish, but is still functional. Dropping and reequipping it in any fashion will return the sights and its Atomic Desert pattern.