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SPECACT are downloadable character skins featured in the Battlefield Series.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

SPECACT is a series of separate downloadable content packs for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It consists of 4 packs in total, one for each class, featuring two alternate uniforms for that kit (one Russian uniform, one American) and a weapon customized with camouflage based on the environment, except for the M95 which comes with a black matte finish.

Classes, Weapons & Uniforms[]


  • Weapon: M16A2 SA
  • US Uniform: Black helmet, orange visor, black combat vest, black webbing, tan BDU and black balaclava.
  • RU Uniform: Dark green helmet, light blue visor, dark brown combat vest, light brown webbing, olive drab BDU and black balaclava.


  • Weapon: UMP-45 SA
  • US Uniform: Black helmet with explosives visor, black combat vest, black webbing and tan BDU.
  • RU Uniform: Dark green balaclava, dark brown combat vest, light brown webbing and olive drab BDU


  • Weapon: MG3 SA
  • US Uniform: Black cap, black combat vest, black backpack, black webbing and tan BDU.
  • RU Uniform: Green beret, dark brown combat vest, light brown webbing and olive drab BDU.


  • Weapon: M95 SA
  • US Uniform: Tan ghillie suit.
  • RU Uniform: Olive drab ghille suit and black balaclava.

NOTE: SA weapons have stats identical to their non-SA counterparts. The difference is purely aesthetic.

Battlefield 3[]

SPECACT skins were a pre-order bonus for Battlefield 3 available from select retailers such as Amazon in the United Kingdom, JB HI FI in Australia and Best Buy in the United States. It is exclusively awarded to owners of the Limited Edition in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The pack includes 8 different multiplayer character skins for their respected factions (USMC, Spetsnaz). These were later released both separately and in a bundle for a price.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

  • SPECACT is a reference to the Special Activities Division, a playable faction in the single player campaign.
  • It is possible to use the SPECACT uniforms without using an SA weapon, and vice-versa.
  • In the downloadable content info page, it mentions that these new skins are the uniforms of elite units, specifically Delta Force and Spetsnaz.
  • For a time, retail copies of the PC version came with codes for the bundle.
  • Separate packs were made free through Dr. Pepper promotional codes.

Battlefield 3[]

  • The pack does not include any unique weapons.
  • The SPECACT in BF3 is a combination of camouflages while the ones in BC2 had one solid camouflage that was used in real life.
  • The in-game skins appear much different from the ones advertised, being much lighter and less camouflaged than the latter.

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