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SPM-3 Real life

The SPM-3 in real life.

The SPM-3, nicknamed "The Bear" is a wheeled armored vehicle of Russian category equivalent of the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush protected vehicle) family of vehicles.

The vehicle is intended to be used as a means of transport capable of protecting its crew from small arms fire, improvised explosive devices and chemical agents on counter-terrorist operations.

Battlefield 4Edit

In Multiplayer, the SPM-3 is used by the Russian Army. It is the Russian counterpart, and functions identically to the American MRAP and Chinese ZFB05, and can carry four people, including the driver, one gunner (armed with a heavy machine gun), and two passengers.

The gunner is the only weapon against infantry, capable of killing in four rounds; its damage is identical to the secondary weapon mounted on tanks and IFVs. Like Battlefield 3's Humvee, the gunner is not initially exposed in the vehicle, but he can be shot out if the back doors of the vehicle are blown off.

Two rockets can destroy the SPM-3, and it is vulnerable to both enemy armor and aerial attacks, moreso on maps where the primary pathways are linear and offer little cover or alternative routes. Neither passenger has a weapon, and hence it has a lowered defensive capability.

A fresh SPM-3 has blast- and bullet-resistant doors and windows, but as mentioned above, they can be shot off. After the doors are destroyed, they can no longer be replaced, even by repairing the vehicles. Therefore, the occupants will remain exposed once the doors are destroyed.

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