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The Mk11 Mod 0 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The Mk11 Mod 0 is first available at the beginning of Baku, along with the SCAR-H. Afterwards, it can be equipped at any Weapon Crate. It comes with an ACOG sight and a Compensator. It sports an Atomic Urban finish.


The Mk11 Mod 0 is unlocked after scoring 8,000 points with DMRs. Compared to RFB, it has a slightly better aimed accuracy as well as a better reload speed than the RFB, but suffers from a worse hip fire accuracy, as the Mk11 Mod 0 is not a bullpup DMR, unlike the RFB. The Mk11 Mod 0 is almost statistically identical to the SCAR-H SV, with faster velocity and longer maximum range, while the SCAR-H SV has faster empty reload and less tendency to drift right than the Mk11 Mod 0.



  • The Mk11 has a trademark stamp for the fictional "P Corp" at the rear of its upper receiver.