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"The SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine is based on the AR-10 design, with a monolithic top rail. Lower recoil and semi-automatic operation allows rapid shooting."

— In-game description

The SR-25 ECC is a semi-automatic sniper rifle featured in Battlefield Hardline, exclusive to the Law Enforcement Professional. It has a larger magazine size and a higher rate of fire than most of the other semi-autos, but it does slightly less damage and is less effective at range.





  • The SR-25 ECC was one of a handful of weapons present in Hardline's June beta files in an unfinished state, but could be equipped if the beta's files were modified to allow their use.[1] Since PunkBuster was not used during the beta, the weapons could be used online in this fashion.
  • In this state, the weapon had a magazine size of 20, its iron sights were untextured, and used Battlefield 4's Mk11 Mod 0 model and icon as placeholders.


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