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The Mk 11 Mod 0, the United States Marine Corps designation of the SR-25, is a semi-automatic sniper rifle designed by Eugene Morrison Stoner, based on his famous AR-10 design, and firing the 7.62x51mm NATO round from a 10 or 20-round box magazine. The weapon is produced by Knights Armament Company and is currently in service in the USMC as well as several other countries worldwide. The weapon has 60% parts similarity with the AR-15 family of weapons such as the M16 and M4 and has seen use in both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since its introduction in 1990, as well as the 2006 crisis of East Timor and the Second Intifada in Israel and Palestine.

Battlefield 3

In singleplayer the Mk11 Mod 0 is used during Operation Swordbreaker along with the M4A1. It is primarily intended to cover Chaffin's extraction after taking out the enemy sniper in the hotel.

The Mk11 is the standard-issue rifle of the USMC Recon kit. It is a default unlock for the USMC, and is the equivalent of the SVD for the Russian faction and, like the SVD and M14 Mod 0 Enhanced, is equipped with a 10-round-magazine, a semi-automatic firemode, and also has a high damage.

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