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The FGM-172 SRAW (Short-Range Assault Weapon), also known as the Predator SRAW, is a lightweight, close-range missile system produced by Lockheed Martin. It appears in Battlefield 2, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2042.

In real life, it was developed as a complimentary launcher to the Javelin, and uses the same sort of automatic-homing targeting system that the MBT LAW uses. However, in functions as a wire-guided missile (like the TOW) in its appearances in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 2[]

"The Mk40 Short Range Assault Weapon is the US Military's response to armored vehicles on the battlefield. Explosive reactive armor is not a problem for this ultra-modern weapon system."

— In-game description

In Battlefield 2, the SRAW is issued to the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy SEALs, Special Air Service and European Union Anti-Tank kit. Like its counterpart weapon in the enemy factions, the ERYX, the SRAW is a semi-guided anti-tank missile launcher. Once fired, if the player continues aiming down the sights they can control the missile for a short time.

The SRAW is effective against all classes of vehicle. It is necessary to aim ahead of moving targets in order for the arc of the missile to meet with the target. The missiles are sluggish to react, however, and aren't particularly forgiving to mistakes. The slow reload compounds this, leaving the user vulnerable for the duration of the reload cycle.


3D Modelling[]

Battlefield 4[]

"The Wire-Guided Anti-Tank missile launcher can be manually guided to the target as long as the launcher is in aimed mode. Capable of locking on to laser-designated targets."

— Battlelog description

The FGM-172 SRAW returns in Battlefield 4. It retains its ability to be manually guided towards its target, it functions much like the BGM-71 TOW, but is much more maneuverable than any wire-guided missile. It also guides itself towards any target if the crosshair is pointed directly at it. It cannot track fast moving targets (such as aircraft) as accurately as other weapons designed for the task, but may still prove useful against vehicles attempting evasive maneuvers against other threats. Despite the launcher's low damage, it can fufill a variety of roles, ranging from long-range stealth attacks on distant enemy vehicles, to close-range, rapid attacks while taking advantage of the fast reload speed.

Compared to other launchers, the SRAW has the lowest damage, but has the fastest reload. It preforms very well at close-range, as the speedy reload (2.8 seconds) will allow the player to fire off multiple rockets in the same time frame that it would take other launchers to reload. However, this also limits the player's anti-vehicle capabilites when facing multiple threats, as the player will likely need to expend all rockets to destroy a single tank or IFV, potentially leaving them without any extra rockets to deal with additional vehicles.

It is important to note that the missile follows the location of the crosshair, so that by holding it over a target, the missile will most likely impact at that object/location. This also means that aiming the weapon at the feet or an object within close proximity to the operator after firing is not advised, as the missile's flight path may intersect with the position of the operator (or even friendly infantry if within proximity), resulting in injuries or death. Due to the missile having a slow launch speed and easily distinguishable and recognizable firing signature/report, it may leave the operator in danger after firing at vehicles or even enemy infantry. Because of this, relocation to a new firing position after each shot by the operator is highly recommended.

If targets are significantly close enough, the operator can choose to simply aim, fire the SRAW, then proceed to reload; the missile will continue moving to the last point that the weapon was aimed, operating much like an RPG-7V2 or Mk153 SMAW. It is important to note that the SRAW's rocket, being unguided, does not alert vehicle operators to a lock-on warning, unlike the Javelin. Skilled SRAW users can take advantage of this to attack hostile vehicles from long ranges that are beyond the reach of the RPG-7V2, Mk153 SMAW, and Javelin. However, the SRAW is still capable of becoming a laser-guided missile, provided a teammate is laser-designating hostile vehicles. In this state, it functions identically to the Javelin, flying high up into the sky before making a top-down attack on hostile armour. Even if the laser lock is broken, the missile's guided nature may potentially allow the player to redirect the missile to the vehicle, provided the missile has not collided with an object or detonated mid-flight.

Before the 2015 Spring Patch, the SRAW was the only viable method for a foot soldier to directly attack AC-130 Gunships. However, this is no longer possible in most situations, as the rocket's range has been reduced dramatically, along with dealing far less damage than before.

Damage Statistics & Effects[]

The following is a list of damage and effects on vehicles after a direct 90 degree impact by the SRAW Missile. Vehicles not listed are vehicles which are instantly destroyed upon missile impact at any angle, including Jets of all types, Quad Bikes and PWCs.

Damage result from impacts at an angle other than 90 degrees are not listed due to slight variations of damage at different angles of degrees of shell impact.

Damage results are made without the application of Laser-Designation.[1]

Damage results are gathered post-2015 Legacy Operations update and are subject to change without notice by game developers from time to time.

Vehicle Type Rear Sides Front
Main Battle Tanks 45, Critical Hit 29 22
Light Jeeps 55, Critical Hit 55, Critical Hit 55, Critical Hit
MRAP Jeeps 36, Critical Hit 36, Critical Hit 69, Critical Hit
Mobile Anti-Air 36, Critical Hit 36, Critical Hit 37, Critical Hit
M142 49, Critical Hit 36, Critical Hit 49, Critical Hit
Transport Helicopter 50, Critical Hit 50, Critical Hit 50, Critical Hit
Attack Boat 24 44, Critical Hit 24
Attack Helicopter 75, Critical Hit 75, Critical Hit 75, Critical Hit
Scout Helicopter 75, Critical Hit 75, Critical Hit 75, Critical Hit
RHIB Boat 36 36 36
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 36, Critical Hit 35, Critical Hit 35, Critical Hit

Patch History[]

  • The SRAW was originally able to destroy Transport Helicopters with no more than one missile at any angle. Following the release of Night Operations and the Summer Patch of 2015, Transport Helicopters can no longer be instantly destroyed from direct hits for balancing reasons.
  • The SRAW could potentially guide two or even three missiles at once, if the weapon is reloaded shortly after firing the first missile. However, this has since been patched. The same attribute can be found in FGM-148 Javelin and SA-18 Igla before they too, underwent similar patches. This was done mainly due to balancing reasons.
  • After the 2015 Spring patch, the missile fired by the SRAW is noticeably less agile, making it more difficult to hit low-flying aircraft or leading ground targets.
  • After the 2015 Community Operations update, the SRAW's damage has been significantly reduced against armoured vehicles, in some cases by almost half. The SRAW is also now no longer able to destroy Attack and Scout Helicopters with one direct hit.


Battlefield 2042[]

"Predator SRAW (Short Range Assault Weapon) consists of a solid-fueled rocket powered missile, which is manually aimed and fired from an expendable shoulder launcher. The rocket motor has a low initial thrust and can be effectively guided at stationary or moving targets between 20 and 450 meters."

— In-game description

The Predator SRAW is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Turning Point season. It is unlocked by reaching tier 37 in the Battle Pass. It is available for Engineer class. Unlike Battlefield 4, The SRAW's digital viewfinder sight has around a 4-6x zoom level. This makes tracking the rocket mid-flight onto a helicopter or other air vehicle difficult.

Similar to G-84 TGM, the rocket leaves a very obvious red warning icon that constantly follows it, and it can be seen by enemies at any distance, even through thick walls and buildings. The rocket itself is also quite loud in flight, and is easily heard by pilots, giving them ample time to evade it. The reload is slow compared to previous entries.

The amount of rockets given, coupled with the lowest damage of any rocket launcher, is often not enough to take down a single Main Battle Tank; this will necessitate obtaining more rockets from squadmates.



Battlefield 2[]

  • Up to two disposed SRAW launchers can be seen on the ground at once.
  • The endcap of the launcher pops off the front when fired.

Battlefield 4[]