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Battlefield 3Edit

"Advanced marksman training gives the soldier’s rounds a greater Suppressive effect on his targets. "

— Battlelog description

SUPR is a specialization in Battlefield 3. It increases the effect of Suppressive Fire on targeted players. It counters and is countered by the COVR specialization. This specialization is a good choice for the support class because it noticeably decreases the time for suppression to take effect.

The specialization increases the suppression effect dealt by 50%. The solo specialization is unlocked at rank 17, while the squad variant, SQD SUPR, is awarded at rank 33. 

Battlefield 4Edit

SUPPRESSION is a specialization featured in Battlefield 4 and is the second specialization apart of the Perimeter Defense Upgrade Path. It increases the amount of outgoing Suppressive Fire by 50%.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Experience with suppressive fire increases the effects of Suppression on opponents."

— In-Game Description

INCREASED SUPPRESSION is a Tier 4 Specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline as a part of the Enforcer Reputation track. It increases outgoing suppressive fire against enemies.


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