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"Similar to its Western counter parts, the SV-98 began life as a proven Bolt-Action sporting rifle. The SV-98 is equipped with a 10 round detachable box magazine, a muzzle brake that can be swapped for a suppressor, and backup iron sights. By default the SV-98 is equipped with a PKS-07 (7x) for very long range shooting."

— Battlelog description.

In Battlefield 3, the SV98 is the first weapon unlock and bolt-action sniper rifle for the Recon class.

Due to the fact it is unlocked fairly early, it is one of the most common sniper rifles in the game. The SV98 deals less damage than other bolt-action sniper rifles at range, and also reaches it's minimal 20 meters earlier than other sniper rifles. While it bears no remarkable statistics relevant for long range shooting, it's worth noting that the SV98 has the most accurate hipfire spread amongst the bolt-action snipers in the game.

Its scope is better suited for short to mid-ranges since its zoom is not really powerful. However, it can be used some times for long ranges, but it will take skill and a bit of luck to calculate the bullet drop and consider movement of the target. Like most of the Bolt action sniper rifles in Battlefield Play4Free, it takes 2 body shots to kill an enemy from short to mid-range or otherwise 1 head shot to kill.


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