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SV-98 in reality

The SV-98 (Russian: Cнайперская Bинтовка 1998 Snaiperskaya Vintovka 1998; English: Sniper rifle model 1998) is a Russian bolt action sniper rifle designed by Vladimir Stronskiy in 1998 and in production at IZHMASH JSC. It fires 7.62x54mmR rounds with an effective range of around 1 kilometer (1094 yards).

Battlefield: Bad Company

"An upgrade of a successful sporting rifle, this high precision sniper rifle was built intentionally for domestic Russian use, such as the Spetsnaz forces, counter-terrorist forces and other law enforcement groups. The weapon features a detachable scope and a special plastic magazine."

— In game description

The SV98 is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


In singleplayer, all Russian snipers wield this weapon and thus, it is always found with the MP-443 Grach. It can be found on Crossing Over and Crash and Grab and is a collectible.


In multiplayer, the SV98 is the default sniper rifle for the Russian Recon kit. The weapon, like all bolt action rifles in-game, kills in a single headshot or a chest shot in close range and two shots to the body at long range. The weapon has a 7x scope attached by default. It also has some bullet travel time at long ranges. The M24 is its American equivalent and the GOL rifle is its MEC counterpart.

Battlefield Heroes

Specialist's Tier 1 SV-98

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Winter Camo SV98

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

"An ambidextrous bolt-action rifle capable of neutralizing targets up to a range of 1,000 meters, the SV-98 is designed to allow various optical system configurations. It is popular with Russian police and anti-terrorist units."

— In-game description.

Only available in multiplayer, the SV98 Snaiperskaya is the 3rd sniper rifle issued to the Recon kit, requiring 6,000 points to unlock. Because of the 3.25 damage multiplier, a single headshot will kill at any range; while a single body shot can also kill at short range, longer ranges will require two. The SV98 has the largest magazine (10 rounds) and highest rate of fire of any bolt-action rifle in the game.

The default scope uses a stacked chevron-style reticule with windage meters to the sides, instead of the conventional crosshairs adorning the scopes of weapons such as the M24 or M95. Many players dislike this cluttered scope and prefer to use the M24 for this reason, although the scope can be useful for aiming a long-range shot since a chevron below can help you aim at the head or body of an enemy. Having the largest field of vision among the default sniper rifle scopes makes it easier to spot targets at extreme range. The SV98 can be fitted with several unlockable Specializations: the Red Dot Sight, the 4X Rifle Scope, the 12X High Power Scope, or an additional spotting scope.

Like all bolt action rifles, the SV98 is affected by bullet drop and has some bullet travel time. This means that to hit a target consistently the player needs to aim above the target at long range and lead their shots if the target is moving. Attaching a Red Dot Sight or 4x Scope to the weapon will not cause the bullet drop to disappear; the scopes magnify the bullet drop as well as one's target, meaning it will be more noticeable with a higher power zoom.

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Battlefield Play4Free

The SV-98 is the starting rifle to the Recon Kit. It features low damage for a sniper rifle so three body shots are needed to kill an enemy at extreme ranges. It has six rounds per magazine and starts with two magazines.

Battlefield 3

"Similar to its Western counter parts, the SV-98 began life as a proven Bolt-Action sporting rifle. The SV-98 is equipped with a 10 round detachable box magazine, a muzzle brake that can be swapped for a suppressor, and backup iron sights. By default the SV-98 is equipped with a PKS-07 (7x) for very long range shooting."

— Battlelog description.

In Battlefield 3, the SV98 is the first weapon unlock and bolt-action sniper rifle for the Recon class.

Due to the fact it is unlocked fairly early, it is one of the most common sniper rifles in the game. The SV98 deals less damage than other bolt-action sniper rifles at range, and also reaches it's minimal 20 meters earlier than other sniper rifles. While it bears no remarkable statistics relevant for long range shooting, it's worth noting that the SV98 has the most accurate hipfire spread amongst the bolt-action snipers in the game.

Battlefield 4

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The SV-98 appears in Battlefield 4


In the campaign, the SV-98 is the standard sniper rifle of the RGF. It is equipped with a PKS-07, Range Finder, Muzzle Brake and Straight Pull Bolt. It sports an ERDL Woodland finish.


The SV-98 is unlocked at 13,000 sniper score. It features a middling RPM, velocity, maximum range and reload time. The SV-98's dominant feature is its tightest hip-fire spread compared to the other sniper rifles. It also features the fastest bullet drop, along with the Scout Elite.




The SV98 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2's beta

  • In the beta version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the SV98 had a green finish. It was altered and now the body is wood with a dark finish.
  • The SV98 is the only bolt action sniper rifle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 without the bipod deployed when being used, although its bipod is deployed when the weapon is found lying on the ground.
  • The stacked chevron reticle makes it easier to compensate for bullet drop in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as the multiple chevrons allow a sniper to decide which to use based on the impact point of his first shot. This is more useful for stationary targets, as it is harder to judge the projected impact point when firing at a moving target.
  • Contrary to in-game stats in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the SV98 is actually on par with the GOL and M24 for damage stats as they all do the same damage (100-50), but it actually has a higher rate of fire than the other two, with the M24 firing one round per minute slower, and the GOL firing 4 rounds per minute slower. Coupled with a 10 round magazine, it is a very effective sniper rifle for its faster fire rate, allowing a player to take another shot quicker than most other rifles.


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