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Not to be confused with the SVD
Ak-12 7

Photoshopped mock-up of a 7.62x51mm AK-12

The SVK-12 is a proposed DMR variant of the AK-12 series. It is chambered in the heavy-hitting 7.62x51mm NATO round, with a ten to twenty-round capacity. Various barrel lengths are available in this modular system. The SVK-12 appears in Battlefield 4 as the SVD-12.

Battlefield 4[]

The SVD-12 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The SVD-12 is unlocked by completing the Gold assignment in Baku by scoring 6,000 points. It features a PSO-1 and Angled Grip and sports a Worm Urban finish.


It is the fourth DMR to be unlocked, having a rather low recoil, medium fire rate and good damage, being able to kill all infantry targets at any range with 3 shots maximum.

It has typical accuracy for all DMRs (except Mk11 Mod 0 and SKS). Unlike most other DMRs, the SVD-12 tends to drift left rather than right.

The SVD unlocks the Russian attachments by default, and can acquire the US and Chinese variants through Battlepacks.



  • The SVD-12 has a flat blue color by default, identical to that of the Type-95B-1.
  • The SVD-12 does not receive a Dog Tag for 500 kills, just like other AK-12 variants.