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The "Chukavin" SVCh (Snaiperskaya Vintovka Chukavin) is a Russian designated marksman rifle/semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern. It can be chambered for 7.62×54mmR, 7.62×51mm NATO and .338 Lapua Magnum.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Heavily influenced by its Western counterparts, the Russian-made SVK is a gas-operated, short-stroke DMR with a max effective range of 1,500m."

— In-game description

The SVK is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042. It was first seen in the gameplay trailer.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-39m 40-49m >50m
High-Power 60 60 60
Armor Piercing 35 35 26
Standard Issue 60 35 35
Standard Issue / Extended Mag 60 35 35


Battlefield 2042 SVK Factory.png Factory
Battlefield 2042 SVK Carbon Checkmate.png Carbon Checkmate
SVK Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 SVK Tier 1.png Tier 1
SVK Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 SVK Russian Engineering.jpeg Russian Engineering
EA Play Reward