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Sabalan Pipeline (Persian: خط لوله سبلان) is a map featured in the Battlefield 3 expansion pack, End Game. Each of the four new maps in End Game are season-themed, with Sabalan Pipeline taking place at an oil refinery near Sabalan, a mountain in northwestern Iran, during winter with snow-covered terrain.

Developer Notes

"Ever since we demoed the Alborz Mountains map at GamesCom 2012 and saw the amazing fan reactions, we’ve known that snow is one of the most stunning settings we can provide in Battlefield 3. Sabalan Pipeline is no different. The oil pipeline traversing this frosty winter landscape has immense economic value and is a highly contested battlefield.

Similar to Operation Riverside, Sabalan Pipeline was built to cater for a mix of vehicle and infantry gameplay. Compared to the other three maps in End Game, Sabalan Pipeline has fewer and narrower roads that are important to control if you want to dominate the opposition. At the center of this map lies a central base that is also an essential asset, as it allows you extended control over the road leading to and from your main bases.  This is equally important whether playing the signature Battlefield Conquest mode or our take on Capture the Flag that we are introducing in End Game."


  • The refinery seen in the photo has the same textures of the one featured in Operation Firestorm.
  • It has been confirmed in an episode of EA PWNED related to Battlefield 3: End Game that Sabalan Pipeline will be the smallest map to come in the End Game expansion pack.
  • In a wooden shed near the forked road to the west of Flag A, three snowmen with a military helmet can be found inside. They can be destroyed by explosives.
  • There is also a snowman in the cab of the crane on objective B during conquest. When destroyed with explosives, it makes a noise similar to the gnomes on Alborz Mountain.
  • There is a crashed C-130 Hercules with French Air Force roundels on the runway next to the RU deployment.
  • On the map is a easter egg. Near a collections of silos are two toppled fences, the fences are not destroyed by the player but has been previously knocked over. Near the fences, in the snow is a trail of dinoasur footsteps leading up the mountain and out of bounds, as one nears the out of bounds mark a dinosaur roar is heard.
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