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Sabalan Pipeline (Persian: خط لوله سبلان) is a map featured in the Battlefield 3 expansion pack, End Game. Each of the four new maps in End Game are season-themed, with Sabalan Pipeline taking place at an oil refinery near Sabalan, a mountain in northwestern Iran, during winter with snow-covered terrain.


  • The refinery seen in the photo has the same textures of the one featured in Operation Firestorm.
  • It has been confirmed in an episode of EA PWNED related to Battlefield 3: End Game that Sabalan Pipeline will be the smallest map to come in the End Game expansion pack.
  • In a wooden shed near the forked road to the west of Flag A, three snowmen with a military helmet can be found inside. They can be destroyed by explosives.
  • There is also a snowman in the cab of the crane on objective B during conquest. When destroyed with explosives, it makes a noise similar to the gnomes on Alborz Mountain.
  • There is a crashed C-130 Hercules with French Air Force roundels on the runway next to the RU deployment. This is probably because the roundels used were mistaken for US roundels.
  • On the map is a easter egg. Near a collections of silos are two toppled fences, the fences are not destroyed by the player but has been previously knocked over. Near the fences, in the snow is a trail of dinoasur footsteps leading up the mountain and out of bounds, as one nears the out of bounds mark a dinosaur roar is heard.

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