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Safe IRL

A safe, also known as a strongbox is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door. The body and door may be cast from metal or formed out of plastic through blow molding. Bank teller safes typically are secured to the counter, have a slit opening for dropping valuables into the safe without opening it, and a time-delay combination lock to foil robbers/and or thieves. One significant distinction between types of safes is whether the safe is secured to a wall or structure or if it can be moved around. A less secure version (only suitable for petty cash) is usually called a cash-box.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

Battlefield V features two objectives in the Firestorm gamemode: Safes and Strongboxes. Strongboxes and Safes spawn at random locations around the map. Both objectives hold Rare or Epic tier weapons, gadgets, or ammunition. Unlike Strongboxes, however, Safes do not appear on a players HUD or minimap. Additionally, Safes must be cracked in order to access their items. This leaves the player temporarily vulnerable to any nearby enemies.



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