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(Сайга 12) is a Russian 12-gauge semi-automatic Shotgun developed in the 1990s. The Saiga is based off of the design of the AK-47 and its derivatives, and has an adjustable gas system allowing it to fire either standard 12 gauge shotshells or 3 inch magnum loads. It is a popular shotgun in the civilian markets of both Russia and the United States, and has also seen some small scale adoption by military and security forces.

The Saiga 12K ("Korotkaya", English: "Short") variant incorporates a shorter barrel, pistol grip, and folding stock. The Saiga 20K also has these features but fires smaller 20 gauge shotshells. Saiga Rifles are semi-automatic civilian rifles of similar design to the Saiga 12.

Variants of the Saiga shotgun appear in eight games of the Battlefield series. The Saiga 20K appears in the Bad Company games, while the Saiga 12K is used in all other appearances. A fictional fully automatic version of the Saiga equipped with an AR-style telescoping stock appears in Battlefield 2042 as the 12M Auto. The Saiga uses a raised sight rib in all appearances in the series excluding for 2042.


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