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A real-life Sampan.

A Sampan is a 3.5 - 4.5-meter-long flat-bottomed boat. It is of Chinese origin and is used by many traditional and rural South-East Asian populations as a fishing and transport vessel. During the Vietnam War, these vessels were used as makeshift transports for troops and supplies, as American forces would often overlook Sampans navigating through the waterways, as the entirety of the Vietnamese populace used them extensively.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

"The South Vietnamese, for the most part, were people of modest means by western standards. With U.S. soldiers on the look out for armed Viet Cong, a little unassuming Sampan could slip by with hidden payload. Quite often, patrols would stop travellers minding their own business, but from time to time supplies intended for the Viet Cong would be confiscated."

Operation Game Warden loading screen, Modest by Comparison

The Sampan is the only naval vessel available to NVA and Viet Cong forces. It can seat 5 players: 1 driver and 4 passengers. The driver can only navigate the boat and is relatively vulnerable to enemy fire. The passengers are crouched into the front and have their infantry weapons available to them. The Sampan is relatively ineffective as players rarely collaborate to use it for attacks, instead using it for transport. It is faster than tanks and has the same speed as the PBR, but is poorly armored and can be destroyed easily. However, if a player manages to avoid enemies, it can be an effective way of getting through waterways. A common trick is to fill (have passengers with weapons) the passenger slots with RPDs or Type-53s. This gives the boat heavy firepower while reducing the machinegun's recoil, therefore increasing accuracy. Other weapons you can put in passenger slots in Sampan are M91/30/SVD for long ranges, AK-47/AKM/MAT-49/SKS for short-to-medium ranges and for anti-infantry purposes, and RPG-7/RPG-2/SA-7 for anti-armor proposes.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

The Sampan is a water transport vehicle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It only appears once in the game during the singleplayer level Heart of Darkness, in which the player must board and lead the squad through the dense jungle river. At some point, the Sampan hits ground and Bravo Two must continue on foot. Unusable Sampans can be seen later in the level Upriver, just near the first camp, covered by canvas.