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"All right, lets do this!"

— Dozer

Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza is a specialist featured in Battlefield 2042.


Born in Mexico, Dozer came to the US at a young age as an undocumented immigrant and chose to join the US Army as his pathway to citizenship. Sadly, waves of mass refugee immigration led to the military reversing their position and Santiago's deportation from the country he'd risked his life to defend.

Dozer didn't let this setback blunt his ambitions; he started a family and a successful business as a gunsmith before losing his home in Jalisco to brutal storms. Forced to leave once more, he and his family headed for Puerto Rico, where he uses his experience and strength as an Assault Specialist to aid Non-Patriated causes.[1]


"Use this shield as a battering ram, protection from incoming fire, and for closing the gap on enemies."

Official Battlefield website

Espinoza's specialty is the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield. Unlike its counterpart in past installments, the SOB-8 is capable of reflecting damage back upon an aggressor.

When stowed, it seems to function in a similar manner to its Battlefield 4 iteration, disappearing into the player's kit rather than being visibly carried at all times.

The shield itself is impenetrable to all types of damage. The player's feet remain vulnerable from the front unless the player crouches. Performing a bash attack will deal 50 damage on a successful hit, but may expose the player to incoming fire.

Dozer's movement speed are slowed, allowing enemy players to flank and deal damage to him. The shield also limits Dozer's turn speed and ability to look down.


"Makes this Assault Specialist extra resilient to explosive damage."

Official Battlefield website

Espinoza comes with Blast Resistant as his trait.


  • Though appearing twice in the reveal trailer (performing a takedown on another apparent specialist, and later seen with a PKP-BP), Dozer was not initially featured as one of the four specialists on the Battlefield website, nor in the "Journey of the No-Pats" blog post. He appeared in later trailers and was finally profiled with four other specialists in between the Open Beta and launch.
  • During the game's early access, Dozer's Ballistic Shield was disabled due to an underlying issue affecting gameplay. Despite this, Dozer was still able to be used but without his speciality.[2][3]


Dozer Default Set.png Specialist Espinoza
Dozer Mamba Set.png Mamba
Dozer Navalized Set.png Navalized
Level 23
Dozer Hexmesh Triweave Set.png Hexmesh Triweave
Dozer Mastery 1 (T5)
Dozer Night Operations Set.png Night Operations
Obtain 5 kills or assists as Dozer
Dozer BF2042 Dev Set.jpeg BF2042 Dev
Exclusive to Developers
Dozer PUB Legend Set.jpeg PUB Legend
Dozer Blast Resistant Set.png Blast Resistant
Level 85
Dozer Tip of the Spear Set.png Tip of the Spear
Dozer Mastery 4 (T4)
Dozer Tier 1 Set.png Tier 1
Dozer Mastery 40 (T1)