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The Satellite Scan is a commander resource in the games Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 2[]

When activated, after a short delay it sweeps across the commander map revealing red dots where enemies are currently located (note that this is not UAV-style tracking, but a one-time 'spot'). Although this information is not given to teammates, the commander can then 'spot' the enemies for his team, or use the locations to decide where to deploy other resources such as artillery. If the commander chooses to "spot" the enemies for the team, he must wait until the dots from the current satellite scan disappear, otherwise the "spotting" will be overlapped with the scan and will not appear.

To use the BF2 Radar icon Satellite Scan, the team's Radar Station must be operational. If the satellite dish installation is destroyed, then the team's Commander will be unable to use the Scan.

In the Special Forces expansion, Radar Stations from the base game are reused for the new factions. Only the USMC and MEC station are used, which are shared among the six factions, and the flags from the base game factions are removed from the textures. The texture of the PLA station with the flag removed is also present, but is unused.


Radar Stations for Special Forces[]

Battlefield 2142[]

Satellite Scan in Battlefield 2142 functions identically to its appearance in BF2.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Sat surv

Satellite surveillance PDA

Satellite Surveillance is a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free and is unlocked as a tier 3 Training option for all kits. Once activated, it reveals the location of all enemy players for a short period of time.


  • Requests a satellite scan of the area revealing the current location of all enemies for a short period once the request is confirmed
  • Takes 2.2 seconds to confirm Satellite Scan Request
  • Receiving damage will interrupt and cancel the request
  • Does not share information with teammates
  • Cooldown is 70/50/30 seconds
  • Scan lasts for 4/7/10 seconds

Battlefield 4[]

In Battlefield 4, the Commander role returns, with the previous games' Satellite Scan split into two separate functions: Infantry Scan and Vehicle Scan. The two resources are intended to address continuous callouts of enemies by BF2-era commanders.[1] Both are "main asset loop" resources that must be acquired by holding specific capture points.

Both abilities were first seen in the "Battlefield 4: Official Commander Mode Trailer".

Infantry Scan[]

Scanning for enemy foot-mobile infantry. This scan wipes laterally across the battlefield from left to right.

Vehicle Scan[]

A separate scan for enemy vehicles, running from bottom to top.


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