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The completed scalar weapon as it appears in Airborne.

"This is a scalar weapon!"


"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Agent Aguire

A Scalar Weapon is a massive electromagnetic pulse bomb. It generates EM pulses before "detonating," releasing a massive blast that destroys every piece of electronics in the area, while leaving the epicenter and weapon completely unharmed.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

A scalar weapon known as the "Black Weapon" first appears as a doomsday device designed by the Japanese in 1944, and was used against an amphibious assault force of US Marines ordered to find and destroy it. The weapon was later recovered only to be lost after World War II.

Preston Marlowe, a member of Bravo One Charlie, found one of the device's lost components, Sierra Foxtrot 1079 in the Sangre del Toro, a shipping freighter bound for Peru that wound up in the Atacama Desert. The weapon was then stolen by Kirilenko, a Russian Colonel who takes the component at gun point after he ambushed Bad Company while meeting Aguire.

It is later test fired against a large US military force fighting in an unnamed South American City, and flown away in a Russian cargo plane to be detonated over the United States. However, Bravo One Charlie managed to enter the airplane and destroy the weapon while the aircraft was in flight over Texas. The EMP threat was nullified, but the incident provided the Russians with a distraction that enabled them to invade America via Alaska.




  • Despite the fact it was detonated near a large harbor, a tsunami did not form as it did in 1944. There is also no explosion in Airborne or Zero Dark Thirty, even though the scalar weapon in Operation Aurora had a concurrent, massive explosion. A likely reason this doesn't happen is because the scalar weapon was made by the Russians with modern-day technology compared to the Japanese one using the technology of the 1940s. It is also possible that the lack of Sierra Foxtrot 1079 caused the explosion and tsunami during Operation Aurora, as Watanabe was seen holding it in the mission, while it was used in the Russian version of the scalar weapon.
  • A bomb similar to the Scalar Weapon is detonated during the events of Battlefield 4's campaign, at the end of the Shanghai mission.