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Handgun scopes differ from rifle scopes in that they must make use of a handgun's smaller size for mounting, and are typically used at arm's length instead of near one's eye.

Battlefield 4[]

"A 3x magnification scope to aid in engaging targets over longer distances."

— Unica 6 scope Battlelog description

Only available in multiplayer, the Scope (3X) is a sidearm exclusive optic only available on the .44 Magnum, M1911, and Unica 6. It is unlocked for all players by default on the M1911, while the Veteran Battlepack unlocks it for the .44 Magnum. The Unica 6 acquires it through a Battlepack drop.

The scope has a 3x magnification, similar to the 3.4x scopes on primary weapons, but the scope takes up the entire screen, like Sniper Rifle scopes.

Due to the loss of peripheral vision, it is advisable to fire from the hip while in close quarters and to only use the scope when fighting an enemy at larger distances. The .44 Magnum and Unica 6 arguably benefit more from the scope, due to their much higher bullet velocities and slower rates of fire making accurate shots over range easier to pull off compared to the M1911.

The Muzzle Brake complements the scope well, as the reduced vertical recoil helps reduce the climb of the scope. The increased recoil from the Heavy Barrel will make the vertical climb of the scope much higher to grant increased accuracy, and may be an option for players who are able to control the recoil of the weapon. A Suppressor is not a good choice alongside the scope, due to the reduced bullet velocity and increased drop reducing overall effectiveness at range.


  • The .44 SCOPED in Battlefield 3 comes equipped with a 3.4x scope.
  • Due to being unlocked under different circumstances, the Scope has a different description for all three weapons.
  • In Battlefield 4, the Scope (3x) was originally exclusive to employees of DICE for use on the M1911. Due to issues with the game, all players were eventually given the scope for use.
  • The scope crosshair is shared with the CL6x.
  • The scope shares its icon with the Rifle Scope, and the model itself appears to be a smaller version of the Rifle Scope.