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The Scout is a class featured in the Battlefield series. Its primary purpose is to engage enemy targets at long ranges while occasionally serving as a demolitions class. It is the equivalent to the Recon and Sniper kits.

Battlefield 1942[]

The Scout is a playable kit in Battlefield 1942. All the Scouts primary weapons are bolt-action rifles with the exception of the German Elite Forces, who are armed with semi-auto rifles. Each Scout is also equipped with a faction-specific handgun and a combat knife, as well as grenades. They are infantry-centric, with their only real defense against vehicles is hand grenades (not counting shooting tank gunners or light armored vehicles with exposed passengers).

The only kit armed with Sniper Rifles, the Scout is capable of doing heavy damage against players at long range with a chance to one shot kill players with a headshot. However the bolt can only be worked out of scoped view; firing will cause the player to unscope and work the bolt and could easily lose visual sight of an enemy at longer ranges. Its low rate of fire may cause a nuisance for close-quarters, hence, switching to a pistol is advised. Their handgun can make up for distance, with much lower spread, but the handguns possess low enough damage such that they are ineffectual as dedicated primary weapons.

The only gadget the Scout gets is Binoculars, They are used to coordinate targets with allied artillery pieces so that they can fire on the target designated by the Scout. Binoculars also provide a helpful means of spotting targets at distance, such as enemy armor or soldiers.




Battlefield Vietnam[]

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The Scout is a playable kit featured in Battlefield Vietnam.

WW2 Mod[]

The Scout reappears in the WW2 mod,similar to the Scout Kit from BF1942 With no differences

Battlefield 1943[]

"Lightly outfitted, the scout has supreme confidence in the power and accuracy of their M1903/Type 98 long distance rifle. Typically you'll find the scouts perched at vantage points concentrating on their next victim's demise. They also carry a pistol and ex-pack explosives which are more exciting than fireworks to set off!"

— Battlefield 1943 Website Description

The Scout is a kit featured in Battlefield 1943. This kit fills the role of a long-range sniper, as well as that of a stealth infiltrator, similar to the Recon kit of other Battlefield installments.

The Scout kit is equipped with a bolt-action sniper rifle as his primary weapon. These rifles are extremely accurate over any distance, and can kill an enemy in one or two shots, or one headshot. However, this weapon is very slow to aim, slow to cycle between shots, and has abysmal hipfire accuracy, making it unsuited for close-range engagements. For this reason, the Scout is also issued a pistol and a knife. The pistol takes five shots to kill an enemy, but can be fired very quickly with decent accuracy, even with unaimed fire. It is generally a good idea to equip the pistol while moving from one position to another, so that the player can engage enemies at close range.

The knife is useful for stealth kills or as a last line of defense at point-blank range. It is the fastest of all melee weapons in the game, and always inflicts a one-hit kill. Lastly, the Scout is equipped with three Dynamite packs. It can be used to destroy enemy vehicles, to demolish buildings and bridges, or to lay traps for unsuspecting enemies. Like all other types of ammunition in the game, the player's Dynamite supply will recharge once all three packs are detonated. Unlike both other kits, the Scout does not have any hand grenades, putting him at a disadvantage in direct combat. It is advisable to stick to sharpshooting and sneaking behind enemy lines, rather than engaging infantry head-on.

Battlefield 1[]

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The Scout makes an appearance in Battlefield 1. Sporting single-action rifles, the Scout retains responsibility for long-range engagement, while gaining some of the detection duties of the Recon kit. The Scout maintains supremacy at a distance with ammunition that has further reach and high accuracy.

Scouts have access to a Flare Gun (shared with the Pilot kit) that automatically spots or blinds enemies, a Trench Periscope for marking targets, and Sniper Decoys for drawing enemy fire and revealing the attacking player. K Bullets allow scouts to engage armored targets. The Tripwire Bomb provides autonomous protection, while the Sniper Shield gives the scout portable heavy armor.

Central Powers Scouts generally wear their equipment over their trench coat. Allied Scouts wear their trench coat over their shoulders, giving the appearance of a cape. Scouts generally wear light headgear such as hats instead of a helmet. Notably, the Scout of the Russian Empire/White Army is depicted as a woman, representing the actual Women's Battalions of Death of World War I.


The Scout kit has access to three class-specific specializations meant to help or boost their evasion against long-distance enemies through diversions, being more alert against enemies that have set off their Tripwire Bombs and Improving the spot ability after kill an enemy with headshot.


Alpha Models[]



Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Scout Enlistment.png Scout Enlistment Reach Scout Rank 2 in Multiplayer 80G Gold Trophy.png
Counter-Sniper.png Counter-Sniper Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in Multiplayer 10G Bronze Trophy.png

Battlefield 2042[]

The 1942 Scout class is featured in Battlefield 2042, available excusively in the Battlefield Portal within the Battlefield 1942 Collection. The class features updated models of their 1942 US, UK, and German counterparts and function in a similar manner.

The 1942 Scout has access to the K98 Sniper and No4 Sniper, enabling players to partake in long-range engagements. It is also equipped with the Counter Recon Specialization which reveals the location of enemies who damage the player. For equipment, the 1942 Scout can utilize the Binoculars to tag enemies with an advanced spot.


Battlefield 1943[]

  • In Battlefield 1943, a player that spawns with the Scout kit will have a primitive suit of leaves that provides limited camouflage.

Battlefield 1[]

  • The British Empire Scout wore a flip-up hat in the Alpha. This was changed to the current Brodie helmet in the beta and retail version of the game.
  • In Battlefield 1, female voices for all languages may be used for the Russian/White Army Scout if the "My team speaks my language" setting is enabled. Otherwise, the Russian Scout speaks her native tongue.[1]