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Overview BF4 Hardline

The Scout Elite is a bolt-action sniper rifle available to the Recon kit in Battlefield 4.


It is unlocked by completing the Gold assignment on Shanghai. It is equipped with a CL6X, Variable Zoom, Flash Hider and Straight Pull Bolt. It sports a Worm Urban camouflage.


It unlocks American attachments normally, and must unlock Russian and Chinese attachments through Battlepacks. Compared to other Sniper Rifles, it does less damage at range, requiring up to three shots to kill (or one headshot), at the benefit of greater mobility. It features high velocity, only behind the M98B. Despite having such a high velocity, it, along with the SV-98 has the fastest bullet drop. Due to this, the Scout Elite is forced into an agressive Recon playstyle, as preforming long range kills proves to be difficult. Suppressors work very well on the Scout Elite, as the bullet drop is already so high that the added drop is barely noticable at closer ranges. Low power optics or even red dot sights also work well on the Scout Elite due to this.



  • Unlike other weapons, if the bipod is equipped on the Scout Elite, and is deployed, it will use its integral in-real-life bipod rather than using a default bipod, which is used on almost every other weapon in the game.