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The Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen were Sd. Kfz.251 Halftracks fitted with a high velocity PaK 40 L46 or L48. These were heavily used as the operations turned into defensive actions. The range of the gun allowed the vehicle to be relatively safe from well camouflaged, pre-arranged positions. The mount comprised two H shaped beams welded to the floor, on the middle of the rear compartment. The shield was modified with trimmed angles, and the platform was made of flat triangular plates holding in place the original gun cradle. The driver sat on the left, aiming with the standard PaK 40 optics. Production figures are elusive, perhaps 1200 vehicles using Ausf.D bodies.

Battlefield V[]

The Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen appears in Battlefield V used by the German faction. It is a Squad Reinforcement that can be called in for 9850 squad points. Its United Kingdom and USA counterpart is the T48 GMC.

The vehicle is a variant of the Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack light transport, and has a crew of three. The main armament is operated from the second seat, and consists of a Pak 40 75mm gun. The weapon has limited traverse, and although the gunner is protected by the front by a gunshield, they are exposed outside the tank and can be killed by explosions or small arms fire from the back. A third hull gunner operates an MG 34 from inside the vehicle.

The vehicle is essentially an AT gun on tracks, with the main armament having the same stats as the stationary field gun, unlimited ammunition and comparable reload time. The base vehicle itself retains much of the characteristics of the standard Sd. Kfz 251, including health and lack of driver weapons or Specializations such as Emergency Repair. This means the vehicle cannot match enemy tanks in a slugging match, and instead requires careful positioning and, ideally, good coordination between driver and gunner.