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The Sd.Kfz. 234 was a family of wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles used by Germany during World War II.

Battlefield V[]

The SdKfz 234 Puma is a vehicle featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the 2020 Summer Update. It is a light tank of the German faction, counterpart to the USA's M8 Greyhound. The vehicle replaces the Panzer 38T on maps featuring the USA.

By default, the SdKfz 234 seats two players. The driver controls the vehicle and its turret armament, while the hull machine gunner can cover the front of the vehicle using a limited traverse MG 34. By equipping either the 50mm or 75mm cannon upgrade, a third top gunner position is added which allows control of a pintle-mounted MG 34 attached to the turret roof.

The Puma has largely the same advantages, weaknesses and playstyle as the M8 Greyhound. Boasting similar top speed and acceleration, the Puma has even greater cross-country mobility due to its higher ground clearance and 8x8 wheel drive. However, the vehicle presents a much larger target than the Greyhound, with a longer hull that can make turning in confined quarters difficult. The vehicle's excellent mobility comes at significant cost to both protection and firepower. The high rate of fire and respectable splash radius of the equipped-by-default 20mm Autocannon is highly effective against infantry and light vehicles, but inflicts very low damage to medium and heavy tanks, even against rear armor - with weapon performance roughly equivalent to the Flak 38 anti-air gun. In addition, the Puma has weak armor and very low health, meaning it cannot stand up to most cannon-armed vehicles in a one-on-one fight. Drivers should try to avoid such engagements by using the vehicle's superior speed as well as its large coverage Smoke Discharger.

In terms of Specializations, the Puma has a six-tier tree that is larger than most other German vehicles, allowing it to keep pace with the Greyhound. Probably its most compelling upgrade choice is at Rank 3, which gives the players the option of equipping either a 50mm Tank Gun or 75mm Howitzer as the main armament. The 50mm gun gives the vehicle much greater capacity to combat enemy tanks, while the 75mm howitzer increases the blast damage and radius of its shells for greater anti-infantry effect. Equipping either of these upgrades will unlock the third passenger seat, the Top Gunner. Special ammunition types available to drivers include Armor Piercing ammo for increased impact damage against vehicles or Airburst Smoke Shells for blanketing target areas and vehicles with damaging, blinding smoke. The Puma's already formidable abilities as a fast scout can be augmented at Rank 2 with the Spotting Scope, Rank 3 Engine Upgrade, and Rank 5 AT Mine Drop or directional Smoke Launcher. The tree also includes upgrades to increase resilience against Vehicle disables, as well as performance upgrades for Zoom Optics, reload speed, turret rotation and main gun ammo capacity.