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Seaside Skirmish is a map featured in Battlefield Heroes. It is also the map featured in the Tutorial.


The map's main center of conflict is the area between the Lighthouse and the Town south of it. The Nationals and the Royals both start on outlying farm points before rushing to claim the two center points. The map is extremely open and ideal vehicles. Although the map makes for great tank skirmishes and aerial dogfights, its long distances and lack of cover make leave infantry extremely vulnerable.



Hillside FarmEdit


A long range of hills and offers a great straight away view of the Village and up to the Lighthouse. It is accessible by walking around or double jumps for quicker access.


The Lighthouse is a tall building located in the village and serves as the map's landmark. The Lighthouse is accessible with a long climb up a ladder located behind the Lighthouse. This spot has a great view of most of the Village.

Capture the FlagEdit



  • Seaside Skirmish appears to be located in western Denmark.
  • A Gunner can enter the lighthouse from the top with a well placed rocket jump, entering through the roof.
  • Commandos can shoot themselves on the lighthouse through the use of Troop Traps which should be placed on the mast in front it.
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