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Luger Rifle 1906 IRL

A Luger Selbstlader in reality.

The Luger Selbstlader Model 06 was a German semi-automatic rifle designed by Georg Luger, and patented in England in 1906. The self-loader was heavily based on Luger's iconic pistol design, with its toggle-lock firing mechanism being copied and subsequently scaled up to use the full-sized 7.92x57mm rifle round. The weapon received some modifications over the Luger pistol to improve reliability in muddy conditions, but ultimately did not enter mass production. Only a few prototypes were believed to be manufactured, with at least one surviving to this day.[1]

Battlefield 1

This item has a Codex entry: Selbstlader 1906
"A German self-loading rifle prototype based off of an improved version of the P08's toggle lock mechanism."

— In-game description

The Selbstlader 1906 Factory is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 for the Medic kit. It is unlocked for purchase upon attaining Medic Rank 10.

The Selbstlader 1906 can kill in three shots at any range, similarly to the Mondragón and the Selbstlader M1916, and it possesses one of the highest rates of fire out of the Medic guns. However, it only has a five round magazine. This means that the Selbstlader 1906 is effectively relegated to success in one-versus-one encounters without counting headshots, as a reload is practically necessary after every kill, and reloads can be long if rounds remain in the gun.

In one-versus-one encounters, precision is necessary as there is a minimal margin for error with its small magazine, which this gun thankfully aids due to its characteristics. Its high rate of fire offsets this somewhat, allowing the player to land three shots in quick succession, but not by much; the Selbstlader 1906 is most effective for a player with a skilled aim.

A Sniper variant had been added to the CTE. It is unlock by obtaining 300 kills with the Factory variant and performing 25 kills with a Rifle Grenade.



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