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Hafthohlladung (German: Adhesive Hollow Charge) was a magnetically-adhered, shaped charge anti-tank weapon used by German forces during World War II. Described as either a grenade or a mine, the weapon was introduced in 1942, and designed to be attached to exterior surfaces of an enemy tank and ignited using a time fuse. The 3.5kg version was conical in shape, and could penetrate 140mm of rolled homogenous armour when placed flush and perpendicular with the plate surface, regardless of angle of said surface.

Getting close enough to place the mine was often highly dangerous for the infantryman involved, resulting in the weapon being declared obsolete in 1944, when it was replaced by the Panzerfaust. During the mid to late war, the Germans also coated their vehicles with Zimmerit to defeat enemy magnetic mines, although the Allies did little in terms of developing or issuing devices similar to the Hafthohlladung.[1]

Battlefield V[]

"A magnetic explosive charge that can be attached to vehicles. Detonated by time fuze."

— In-game Description

The Shaped Charge is a gadget featured in Battlefield V.


The Shaped Charge appears rarely during the singleplayer campaign, such as in the climactic defense finale of Under No Flag, where it can be picked up from a weapon crate.


The Shaped Charge was made available in multiplayer in the 2020 Summer Update. The gadget behaves similarly to the Limpet Charge from Battlefield 1. It takes just over a second to prime and can be thrown about the same distance as a Demolition Grenade, and will adhere to any vehicle or world object it strikes during flight. The device will explode after three seconds. Before exploding, it is possible to pick up the mine and disarm it.

The gadget deals heavy base damage as well as a high critical chance. It is capable of destroying any light vehicle with one charge, however tanks may require 2-3 depending on their weight class and if they utilized Emergency Repair.