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Shark 4-6 is the call sign for Lt. Jennifer "Wedge" Hawkins flight in the mission "Going Hunting". Part of a flight of two F/A-18F Super Hornets of the U.S. Navy, Shark 4-6 and Shark 4-2 are engaged in a mission to provide air support for a strike package to Mehrabad Airport, Tehran.

The player takes the role of Lt. Hawkins as the Weapons System Officer of Shark 4-6. Sitting in the rear seat, the player operates the F/A-18F's equipment including AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR Targeting Pod, Infrared Optics, AIM-9 Sidewinders, AGM-88 HARM Anti-radiation missile, and IR flares. The pilot of Shark 4-6 flies the Super Hornet during the mission while the player destroys air and ground targets.

Shark 4-6 was later heard in radio chatter six years later near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea during the 'War of 2020.

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