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"Get your fangs out Hawkins, we're hunting big game today."

— Hawkins's pilot before their mission

The Pilot of Shark 4-6 is a minor character appearing in Battlefield 3.


Appearing only in the mission Going Hunting, the character is a US Navy pilot stationed aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77). He flies the two-seater F/A-18F Super Hornet, callsign Shark 4-6, in cooperation with the aircraft's weapons officer Jennifer Hawkins. The pair are tasked with an attack on high value targets at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Iran. After the being scrambled, the aircraft is involved in dogfights with Iranian jets on the way to the airport. Upon reaching it, they provide SEAD support and designating targets for A-10 Thunderbolt II assets to attack. Their mission completed they return to the carrier.

His role is similar to Ingham in Thunder Run, briefing the player at the start of the mission, as well as advising them of threats and responding to their actions when in combat. Personality wise, his dialogue seems to suggest he dislikes being assigned ground support missions, describing them as "whiskey delta". He is much more enthusiastic towards the present mission, seeming to relish the special role they are to play in the attempted killing of Faruk Al-Bashir, and the anticipated high stress of the situation. Once airborne, he seems relatively calm in combat even after friendly losses or when flying through enemy flak.



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