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"Experience the action and tactics of Operations on a single map. Attackers need to capture the flags & break through the enemy lines held by defenders."

— In-game description

Shock Operations is a variant of the Operations gamemode featured in Battlefield 1 that was introduced in the Shock Operations Update in June 2018. Unlike normal Operations, Shock Operations is focused on one single map with support for up to 40 players for a smaller, shorter experience of the same sector-based, area objective gamemode.

Attackers have only two battalions made up of 150 tickets. Upon the loss of a battalion the attackers are reinforced with stronger equipment, usually an array of Elite Kits but occasionally a Behemoth depending on the map. A unique feature of this is that the reinforcement type may change depending on what sector the battalion fails at; for example, on Giant's Shadow the first sector reinforcement is two Sentries, a Flame Trooper and an Infiltrator kit, while for subsequent sectors an Armored Train is called in instead.

Shock Operations can be played on five maps, made up of between three and four sectors.

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