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The subject of this article, Shoot House, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

The Shoot House was a cut feature of Battlefield 3. Set on an early version of Operation Firestorm, it was intended to help train players for multiplayer in a similar manner to the Practice Range of later installments.[1][2] The course would offer players several training tasks, though the order of completion is unclear.

  • Firing range - Players could test various weapons at set distances
  • Shoot House - Course with various obstacles and targets
  • Objectives - Would teach players how to capture or arm flags and M-COM stations for the multiplayer gamemodes
  • Diving Target - Players could climb a large watch tower and jump off onto a large target to teach the fundamentals of skydiving and parachuting.



  • The map contains a spawn marker for the cut F-16.