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"Like its EU counterpart, the Bianchi FA-6, the PAC Shuko K-80 Light Machine Gun provides invaluable support to assault operations through unrelenting suppressive fire. Shooting smaller, nitrocellulose-molded, caseless ammunition, the Shuko K-80 boasts higher clip capacity, resulting in less frequent reloading, albeit at the expensive of per-round stopping power. Like the Bianchi FA-6, the Shuko K-80 is more precise when stabilized on its protracted bipod."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Shuko K-80 LMG is a light machine gun featured in Battlefield 2142 and is the standard light machine gun of the Pan-Asian Coalition Support Kit.

It boasts a very high magazine capacity and rate of fire with low recoil, which drops further while prone. Just like Bianchi FA-6 LMG, it becomes more accurate the longer one fires, but it can cause the barrel to overheat, rendering it inoperable for several seconds.

A mounted variant of the Shuko is present in Strike at Karkand 2142, and it functions similarly to the infantry version, with the exception of the lack of recoil and infinite ammunition.


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